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What is Music 4 Meals?



Music 4 Meals is a movement started with the dream of ending world hunger through the power of music.  Music is so powerful and brings so many people together.  We have an opportunity to make great change with the help of this strong music community.



Why was Music 4 Meals started?



Music 4 Meals was started by a dream of a young woman, Marissa Elder.  She saw the tremendous opportunity to reach out to the community to raise awareness for anything at the concerts and festivals she went to during college.  She always has been passionate about helping others, especially those who don’t have simple necessities like food and water. There are millions of people who go without while some of us have so much.  She wants to help feed her community and eventually the world through the power of music.



How does Music 4 Meals help those in need?


Our first efforts to help feed people is through a continuous food drive. 


We partner with bands, venues, and promoters to have a donation bin at their upcoming shows.  We promote the shows and ask people to bring a nonperishable food and/or water donation.  When people go out to enjoy a night of live music, people can bring a donation along with them and leave it at the front door on their way into enjoy the show.   After each show, the donations are weighed and tracked so people who made a donation can check back on the website or facebook page to see where their donations have gone.  All donations go to local food banks and homeless shelters.  You can see where past donations have gone, on the CHANGE page.


After growing this movement into its own non profit organization, we will take our efforts out of this country and help feed those in need, all over the world. 



What types of donations can be made?


At concerts, nonperishable foods (ex. canned foods, pasta, rice, etc.) are the best types of donations to bring.  Clean water

is also very important. Donating bottled water is another great way to help this cause.   

Perishable food donations are also excepted (ex. fresh fruits, vegetables, bread, meats or frozen foods please). Perishable foods like fruits and vegetables are an important part of nutrition so we are very open to these types of donations.  These are not the best types of donations to bring to a show, as they will potentially get smashed by the canned donations people bring.  If you would like to donated perishable food, CONTACT us to arrange a pick up or drop off.  Perishable food donations will be donated the next day to ensure people recieve these fresh food donations.  


Cash, and credit donations can be made.  If making a monetary donation,  we do the shopping for you.  With your money, we will go to the grocery store to buy the food/water with the money you donate.  From there we donate it to a homeless shelter or food bank.  


All donations are tracked, and shared so everyone can see where the donations have gone.



Where do donations go?


Donations to M4M events, go to local food banks or homeless shelters within 1 week of donations. The website will be updated to inform donors of where their donations have gone. You can view this on the CHANGE page.



How can I get involved with Music 4 Meals?


The best way to get involved is to donate as much as you can.  Each time you go out to enjoy the night, bring a can or two with you to leave at the door when you walk in. If everyone contributes just a little bit each night, we will be able to make a big difference in our community. 

Another way you can get involved is to donate money and become a sponser. A sponser is someone who helps Music 4 Meals reach its fullest potential. To donate with cash, CONTACT  us today.  To donate online,  

click --> PAYPAL.

One other great way to get involved is to host your own Music 4 Meals event! 
CONTACT  us today to get a donation bin at your next event.



What are the future goals of Music 4 Meals?


The first goal is to grow this movement into its own non profit organization. This movement was starting with the dream of making large donations to third world countries.  One day this will be a national organization feeding millions all over the world through the power of music.




" Be the CHANGE you wish to see in the WORLD. "




Northern California, USA                       Marissa Elder

Southern California, USA                   Amber Trudeau

Maryland, USA                                 Shannon White

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